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    The No.2 Plane That almost Never Was

    July 28, 2017

    As some of you may know, I own a Bedrock 602 that was my Grandfathers. I have been tempted numerous times to pull it off the shelf, tune it up and use it, but that wouldn't be very smart. I don't get attached to tools unless they have a history that involves my family and/or they cannot be replaced. I like this size of plane, even with my large hands(I'm 6'4") I have always wanted one to use as a small touch-up smoother on soft woods. So why not just make a small plane? Well, I have and I use it. A lot. But I think that a few Stanley Planes have their place, even in my shop. For soft or common woods, it's good to keep a few around. So a few years back I set out to find a No.2. I got on eBay, bid on a few and got one for a fair price. That's where a 3 month long journey of chasing USPS all over trying to recovery my miss-sent plane began. 90 days later I had nothing to show for it except a lot of wasted gas, phone calls, and oh yeah, my blood pressure is now higher than normal. A couple of weeks ago I decided to go at it again. Remembering the heartache I had suffered the previous time, like a bad high school breakup that scars you for life, I proceeded with caution. I set some requirements that I would stick to and started to look around on eBay again. Again, I bid on a few and won the last auction that ended on a Sunday. It was sheer luck that I got it as cheap as I did, so if something did happen I wasn't out too much. Fast-forward until Wed. of this week when it was scheduled to arrive. I walked out to my mailbox and I swear I could smell the vintage Rosewood, but to my shock, when I opened it, NOTHING!! I ran back to the house, opened my laptop, and within 5 minutes the tracking info disappeared! It soon came back, with 4 more notes than before. The first two were saying that it was sent to the wrong address. The next two were saying that it was in a town 15 minutes over, so in an old T-shirt and my shop jeans I jumped in my truck and raced over. Once I got there, no plane. 3 different PO's later I was still without my No.2 and USPS had no idea where it was. I spent the next day on the phone with everyone I could contact who may be able to help. Finally it was found(at my local PO, of course) at 3AM. At 8:30 they called to say they found it. I didn't even care about their dishonesty at this point, I just wanted my plane. When I got the box home, I was amazed at what was inside; An all original Sweetheart No.2 that could be considered by some to be in "collector condition". The people I had purchased it from were the 3rd generation original owners and were sad to see it go, but needed the money. I lightly cleaned it up(very lightly), sharpened the iron for the first time in Lord knows how many years and took it to some Mahogany. I couldn't be happier with the tool. I didn't buy it because it's cute and looks good on the shelf(okay, maybe a small part of me did), I actually want to use it and then pass it on to my son. Maybe an attachment to a tool isn't so bad, just don't hinder it's abilities to work with you and you'll cherish it even more.



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    I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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