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    July 20, 2017

    Hi guys, here are some questions that I have received since last time posting. A few are things that I never thought I would be asked, but nonetheless I will answer them......


    Q. What is the worst shop injury you have had?

    A. This is a good one! I work with sharp things all the time. When cutting out plane parts, edges can be ridiculously sharp and try to fillet my fingers often. NuSkin is my best friend. If I had to pick the "worst", then this is it..... While routing the breadboard slots for my first real workbench, I got a little lazy and decided to take the last big bite in one pass as opposed to running it across the router table, raising the bit and taking a second pass(the right way). I got about halfway through the cut when the multi-flute 5/8" straight bit caught the work piece and decided to take it for a ride. I immediately braced the piece up against the fence with my left hand and grabbed the back of it with my right. My arms were no match for the large bit and 3.75hp router and the piece kept feeding and bucking. In my last attempt to stop the chaos, I took my right hand and tried lifting the piece off of the bit.....That's when I heard the most awful noise I have ever heard and then felt it..... I had put my hand through the spinning router bit. Not just touched it, not just a graze, I had actually fed my right hand straight through the massive, sharp, 20k rpm straight bit. I don't remember much from the shock, but I immediately called my father(the closest person to my shop that day) to take me to the ER. When I returned to the shop a few days later, I saw the carnage. It looked like a crime scene from the Texas Chainsaw Movies, blood and splintered wood everywhere. The injuries stuck around with me for a long time and I have two fingers that have formed scars where the pads once were. I can't feel much in those and my sensitivity hasn't gotten much better. Besides that I have always had a healthy fear of machines and don't take them lightly.


    Q. Does anyone else in your family do woodworking or tool making?

    A. Haha, absolutely not! My Grandfather was the one who got me started in it, sadly it wasn't until after he was no longer able to be in the shop because of an illness. My oldest brother had some interest, but he grew out of it and now builds custom homes in the Eastern US. My other brother is a Gastro Surgeon and has never had a mechanical "knack" for things. My father was in the insurance software industry, now retired and enjoys cycling and fly fishing. He is actually the only relative that lives near me and I would say is my best friend. We enjoy fishing and cycling together, but I doubt if he knew how to turn the lights on in my shop. He has been my biggest fan and is always interested in the work I do, as long as he doesn't have to do anything more than look at it and give me an opinion.


    There are some other questions that I got that are really good and I can't wait to post them, stay tuned!

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    I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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