This is a WW2 Era Stanley No.5 Hand Plane. Will it win any beauty contests? Probably not, but it works perfectly! The WW2 Era Planes had a heavier casting which is nice on a jack plane. I started out by cleaning the body and flattening the sole and sides. There are no chips, or cracks in the casting anywhere. About 85% of the original Japanning remains. The frog has been flattened on all mating surfaces to make sure that the iron beds properly. The Rosewood knob and tote are in excellent shape with no chips, cracks, or repairs to speak of.  The iron has been flattened, honed, and sharpened and the chip breaker has been matched to the iron. This is a great user plane and is ready for another few generations of work!

    WW2 Era Stnaley No. 5 Tuned, Ready To Work!