Collecting, preserving, restoring, and tuning hand saws is a true passion of mine. I buy and sell 50-100 saws a month and try to be as descriptive as I possibly can. Unless noted, all saws that I sell have been tuned, sharpened, and ready to work. Any other things that I may do will be listed. Thanks for looking! -Space Age Plane Co.


    If you're like me and look at hand saws online, I'm sure you've come across a picture of one of these odd looking saws. Made by Wheel Madden and Clemson, the handle design is unique because it has the reinforcing plate and domed saw nuts/bolts, and it has that weird loop on the top horn. I believe it was their answer to Disstons "Thumbhole" desgin becuase if you're ripping something long, this provides you with the perfect hand-hold and it truly does work! At 28" long and with 5tpi, this saw makes an excellent saw for those long rip cuts that we sometimes need to make. As the pictures show, the handle is nearly perfect and the plate is shiny and straight with only minor staining and minute pitting.

    Wheeler Madden & Clemson 28" Saw 5tpi Rip