If you've kept up with my blog, you have seen this plane and know a bit about it's history. I wanted to find a Stanley No.2 Plane, but not to sit on the shelf, I wanted a user. After getting this one and cleaning it up, I realized that this is too nice for my needs, so on to a new home it goes! This is a Sweetheart Era No. 2.  I'm pretty sure that this plane has never seen any real use. I was the first person to sharpen the full length iron and the crusty oil from the paper it was wrapped in originally still exists under and around the frog. The two-tone Rosewood knob and tote are absolutely beautiful with no chips, cracks, or repairs that can be seen. The body/sole are completely free of any rusting, staining, or pitting, with about 99% of the Japanning still in tact. The mouth is perfect with no chips(pretty common on these smaller planes) or dings. All of the brass parts are clean with no visible damage from tools or screwdrivers. The sole was flat and square to the sides, and the frog sits perfectly on the castings, so the only thing I did to "tune" the plane was to sharpen the iron. This planes is amazing and I doubt that I find another that's near this nice, but it's wrong for my needs. Comes shipped in a custom made box to keep it safe during transit. I can also include emails from the person I purchased it from who's father-in-law bought it originally when it was new. If you have a Stanley box, this could be as close to mint as you may find!

    Stanley Sweetheart Era No. 2 Hand Plane