This was one of the first jointer planes I ever picked up and I thought I would keep it forever, but it doesnt get used much anymore, so it needs a new home! This is aStanley No. 7, all original, just cleaned and tuned. The body/sole is in decent shape for it's age, no chips cracks, or repairs(though someone did put an "A" on the side of it, which you could sand off if it bothers you). About 80% of the original Japanning remains. The sole os flat and square to the sides. The Frog has been flattened on all mating surfaces. The iron and chip breaker have been matched, honed and are ready to work. The Rosewood knob is in great shape with no cracks or repairs. The Rosewood tote had the typical chipped horn, but has been fixed and looks great. This is an awesome user plane that needs nothing except someone to use it!

    Stanley No. 7 Jointer Plane, Ready To Work!