A lot of people jump at the chance to get the Stanley Type 10-12 Planes. Personally, I could care less about the type, I believe if you have a good base to start with then the tool will function flawlessly once tuned. I actually prefer the later types(18, 19) because they were made with a thicker, heavier casting. When The world was going through The War and there were metal shortages, Stanley went the opposite direction and used more brass and cast iron! This is a beautiful example of a War Era No. 3. I found it with the No. 4 below and assume that they were bought together, but this one was clearly never used. The iron is full length and had the factory grind on it until I sharpened it. The sole and all mating surfaces, including the frog have been flattened. The sides are square to the sole. The Rosewood knob and tote are perfect with no real signs on use. All nickel plated and brass parts are pretty much perfect. This plane cuts beautifully and will make a great user, or in this condition it could be just as well of a collector! Like all of my planes, this will ship to you in a custom box to keep it safe during transit.  

    Stanley No. 3 Hand Plane Type 18 TUNED, NEAR MINT!