Every woodworker needs one of these! It is such a great tool for making and  fairing curves and I still find new things to use mine on all the time. There isn't anyone making a tool that can rival the old Stanleys and they fetch a hefty price, but here's your chance to get one that's in excellent shape and ready to use out of the box for half of the going rate on a beater from eBay. This is a Stanley No.20, known to be their best model over the No.13 or 113. It's easy to adjust and lock into place and it's impossible for the setting to slip which can happen on others. This one has been lightly cleaned, about 90% of the original Japanning remains. The sole is free of any pitting and very little staining. The frog is flat and and the iron is full length and sharp. You'll be hard pressed to find one half as nice for twice the money!

    Stanley No. 20 Circular "Compass" Plane