This is one of my favorite era of Stanley Tools. They are plentiful, simple, and they were made to a higher degree of accuracy than some of the others made. This particular plane is a B-Casting Stanley No. 5. It was in poor shape when I got it, but the body was in good shape, the sole was flat, and there are no cracks or chips in the castings, so I decided to completely restore it. The body and frog have been surfaced, flattened, and then refinished using industrial bake-on paint(very close in color and texture to the original Japanning). The Rosewood knob and tote were in decent condition, but had a few minor issues, the tote had a chipped horn, which I fixed with Rosewood and knob had a small crack which I filled, sanded and refinished using Danish Oil and then waxed. The original iron was pretty much shot, so I replaced it with a full length Sweetheart Era iron and chip breaker. It has been flattened, honed, and sharpened to a perfect edge. All hardware was cleaned, polished and waxed to resist rust or corrosion. This is a wonderful user tool and will make a great addition to any tool box. If you don't want to go through the hassle of finding, fixing, and tuning a plane and just want a user right out of the box, this is definitely for you!

    Stanley B-Casting No. 5 RESTORED!