A few years ago I had to teach a class with beginner students and I was obligated to provide certain tools. When it came to marking gauges, I thought about making a classic trapped wedge style that I had used for most of my time in the shop, but they are difficult to make and not very easy for students to adjust accurately. I decided to make the style you see here and it instantly became my stand-by. They adust easily, hold thier settings perfectly and you cannot destroy them! At 6" long, it's the perfect gauge for 99% of the work we do. I wake them out of figured maple because it's hard, stable, and looks  great with an oil finish. The face has a bronze wear plate so it will always remain square. It's low-profile shape makes it easy to hold and adjust with one hand. Some of the similar gauges on the market use a "blade" or "cutter" that screws onto the front of the gauge. While this looks neat, it means that you'll have to use a screwdriver to adjust the depth of cut. I use a bronze wedge that can be tapped out and reset before you could find your flathead to adjust the others! The cutter is ground with a fingernail grind which leaves you with a small, but very defined line and it also helps pull the gauge tighter to the work to ensure your line is in the right spot every time. This will become your new favorite gauge!

    SAPC Marking/Cutting Gauge