lI have been working on this plane for 2 years. It was some of the hardest design work I have done to date, mainly because I had countless things that I demanded of this plane. It had to be comfortable to all sizes of hands and it had to be comfortable for long periods of time(no hand cramps!). At 6.5" long, 1.8" wide, it is perfect to hold right in the palm of your hand, similar to a wooden coffin smoother, only much better. The iron needed to be the perfect width, meaning it was good for small and large projects alike, so I went with a 1.5" wide, 3/16" thick O1 Iron that is about 5.75" long to give the plane that traditional look. I wanted a plane that didn't discriminate against any type of wood, soft, hard, curly, figured, it doesn't matter! No resetting the iron, it plows through the toughest of grain and leaves you with a truly perfect finish.  I wanted to make something that looked familiar when sitting next to a vintage Norris or Spears, but it needed to be different enough to distinguish itself from the competition. Lastly, I wanted a tool that I could make in two differnt levels, giving people a less expensive option, but it could in no way perform inferior to the premium model. I have achieved this by offering the plane with some beautiful Claro Walnut infills(see pictures) which really looks amazing, but I can make for significantly less. I have opted to go with O1 steel for the sole of this plane, something that I haven't done yet and I am thrilled at it's performance. This plane is the pinnacle of my tool-making career thus far and I have never made/used/owned a plane that performs at the level of this tool. If you're the type of person who sees no benefit to owning a shelf full of smoothng planes, especially if there's something that performs flawlessly on any wood, this really is the plane for you!

    NEW Style 60 Degree 6.5" Smoother