The pictures of this plane pretty much speak for themselves. This is a Type 19 No. 3 that is as close to mint as you will find outside of an unopened box. The body/sole of this plane are free of any rust or pitting and 100% of the original Japanning remains. The sole is flat and square to the sides. The iron had never been touched until I sharpened it and matched the chip breaker. The frog is flat on all mating surfaces. The Rosewood knob and tote are pretty much perfect with no cracks or repairs. All of the nickel plating is in tact and perfect on the lever cap. The brass hardware is shiny and shows no tool marks. I have tuned this plane up to be a perfect user and it works great, but it is so nice that it could be a collector!

    NEAR MINT Stanley No. 3 Hand Plane Type 19