This saw will go down as one of the cleanest vintage Disstons I've ever owned. It's an late 1890's No7 26" 8tpi Rip. As you see the saw is EXACTLY how I found it(minus the tuning/sharpening and buffing off the saw nuts), nothing was done as far as cleaning on the handle or plate. The handle is as close to mint as you will find on a saw this old, with 99% of it's original finish in-tact. The plate is still shiny with a little bit of staining(will easily clean off, but it in  no was affects the saws performance) and a perfect etch. It is perfectly straight from heel to toe. The saw had never been sharpened when I got it, so I just lightly filed and set the teeth to make it cut better than new. This is such a nice saw and will easily match my No.12's in every way. It will make a wonderful user if you're looking for a cleaner cutting rip saw.

    Late 1890's Disston No. 7 26" 8tpi Rip