A few years back I had the chance to purchase a saw collectors estate in almost it's entirity. The family had gotten frustrated trying to sort things out, so towards the end they boxed up a bunch of "saw parts" and sent them to me with the condition that I paid for shipping. When the boxes arrived I started going through them. In one I found the saw you're looking at. I am familiar with the Disston/Cresson Half-Backs and I know of 2 other companies that made them as well, but as with a lot of older saws, markings can be missing and/or obscure. This saw was just the plate with the back pushed close to the toe and a few saw nuts in the handle holes, but no handle. I figured the plate is nice and still wide enough to warrant tuning it up and making a handle, so that's exactly what I did. Following another small half-back handle as a pattern, I enlarged it and made a new one out of Apple Wood to try and stick to the Disston theme. The back was in decent shape, but it looked as if the bluing was completely gone on some spots, so I lightly blended it in.  The plate was pretty close to perfectly straight, but the teeth were in desperate need of being re-worked, so I did a complete tune on it. I filed it with a 9tpi crosscut pattern and added a tiny bit of set so the saw could be used to do fine crosscutting without tearing out the grain. Like I said before, there are no markings on the plate or the back(minus a very faint etch that I have highlighted in the pictures) so I have no idea who made it. It could have been something that a craftsman made for himself a long time ago, it could have been a prototype, or it could have been from one of the four companies that made them. Besides that, the saw cuts beautifully and I honestly doubted that I would ever sell it because it really does feel amazing in the hand. My collection has outgrown it's space and I am now starting to pick through it and decide what saws I will  find a new home for. I take a lot of pride in my saw-tuning abilities and I can promise you that this saw will put a smile on your face every time you pick it up and use it!

    Half Back Saw, Disston/Cresson No.8?? 20"