The Disston No. 4 was their most popular backsaw model and for good reason; they were made to very high standards yet still affordable to every craftsman. This particular saw was in excellent condition when I found it, so it required very little work to get it back into shape. The cast-steel back has been lightly blued to resemble what the saw looked like when it was new. The plate is nearly full width with an "okay" etch and very little staining and pitting for it's age. The plate is free of any bends or kinks and sits straight in the back. I have sharpened and lightly set the teeth, making this a killer saw for ripping large tenon cheeks and such in hardwoods. The apple handle has a nice patina and only has one very small chip on the underside of the top horn. I have waxed the handle and lightly polished it. This is a beautiful 100+ year old saw that's ready for another 100 years of work.

    Early 1900's Disston No.4 16" Backsaw

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