I recently had the chance to purchase a small stock of beautiful Desert Ironwood and burls from the Dale L. Nish Wood Collection. I used almost all of it fulfilling orders for customers and I was sad to see it go because I knew there probably wouldn't be anymore. Last week I got a call from the sellers of the collection saying that they had found one large piece and it was mine if I wanted it. I was so excited I jumped in the car and headed out to get it. This is the first plane that I have made using it and like all the rest from his collection, it's nothing short of natural perfection! This is my newest Smoother design, at 5.75" long with a 1.5" iron. With a bed angle of 55 degrees, this plane excells at working tough, exotic hardwoods that most other tools cannot touch and leaves you with a perfect, finish-ready surface. There are only a few of this size plane left at the intro price, so if you wnat one, get it before it goes up!

    Desert Ironwood Wide Smoother 5.75"