With a bed angle of 15 degrees, this will be your ultimate "go-to" plane when you need to make that critical correction that you just don't trust a block plane for. The 3/8" thick bronze sole and ramp are ground and finished as one piece to ensure that the iron is in 100% in contact with the plane at all times, which virtually eliminates chatter or negative feedback from the tool. The sides are made of 360 brass and have a matte, brushed finish so the plane always looks stunning. With the snecked iron, adjustments can be made by softly tapping with a mallet. Also, the sneck makes for a super comfortable hand hold and provides superior control over the plane, almost like it's an extension of your fingers. All of my planes come ready to use right out of the box! 

    Blackbird 6" Custom Plane

    SKU: bb6138
    $650.00 Regular Price
    $500.00Sale Price
    • Sole: Bronze

      Sides: Brass

      Length: 6-1/4"

      Blade Width: 1-3/8"

      Blade Specs: 5/32" O1 Tool Steel, Treated, Honed to 8000g