Whether you're a Galoot to the core and work by candlelite or you have enough copper running through your shop to make Thomas Edison smile, you need a block plane. From fine-tuning joinery to taking that one quick swipe to level a workpiece, there's no tool in the shop that can compare to the finesse and efficiency of this plane. The BB1 can be used as a small smoother and then go right to trimming end without having to make any adjustments. With a bed angle of 15 degrees and a 1" wide iron, this low slung, narrow plane fits right into the palm of your hand. The super-tight mouth makes setting and adjusting almost fool-proof. In fact, about the only time you'll move the iron is when it's time to sharpen. Comes with a brushed, matte finish so it always looks great. Like all my planes, the BB1 comes ready to work. This will become your ultimate "apron" plane and look beautiful at the smae time. It will surly be your favorite tool.

    BB1 Mini Blackbird

    SKU: bb1
    $500.00 Regular Price
    $360.00Sale Price
    • - Bronze Sole

      - Brass Sides

      - 1" wide, 5/32" thick O1 Steel Iron

      - 5" total length

      - Usually ships in 24 hours, but depending on stock it may take 1-2 weeks for delivery