When you're getting started into hand tool work, it can be a pain to find a crosscut and a rip saw that fit your needs. If you go with new ones, you'll be spending a small fortune, and if you go with vintage saws, more than likely you'll be learning to tune them. For most of us, shop time is limited and we can't be bothered to take a week trying to fix up an old saw! I have heard this from numerous woodworkers and I am here to offer a solution! What you see here are two Atkins No.53's with the perfection handles. These were found as a pair and I want to keep it that way(I would guess the original owner bought them both at the same time). The crosscut saw has a 26" plate and has something I don't find too many of, 11tpi. This makes it an awesome saw for clean, smooth cuts in hardwoods and softwoods alike. The handle is one of the nicest 53's I've seen, with only one small chip around one of the saw nuts, the rest is just simply wear and tear from being 100+ years old. The plate is full width, leading me to believe that it hasn't been used much. It does, however, have the usual pitting and staining for a saw of it's age. I have cleaned the plate up a bit, polished it, then went on to tuning it. The teeth have been jointed, sharpened, jointed again, filed slightly again, set, then finish filed. The plate is close to perfectly straight and holds a line in the cut with no manipulation. A truly beautiful saw! The Rip saw has a 26" plate as well, filed with the original 7tpi. Though it seems to have seen more use, the staining and pitting is very minimal. The handle was missing a chunk of the top horn, so it was replaced with applewood(like the original), then dyed and buffed to closely match the rest of the handle. Though it is a bit lighter, it will darken up in a few years and barely be visible. It looks like there was a small crack on the bottom of the handle, but has been repaired sometime in it's life and blends in great. The plate on this saw took less cleaning than the other and like the crosscut saw, has been tuned to perfection. It is as straight as it can be and works flawlessly. I take a lot of pride in saw tuning, a trade that's becoming a lost art and I will guarantee that these two put a smile on your face every time you use them. These were higher end saws when new and will be a pleasure to use for another few generations. If you're in need of a "set" of saws, this could be the right thing for you!
    - I build custom shipping boxes for each saw I sell to make sure they arrive to you exactly how they leave my shop, this takes time and energy and shipping a saw isn't cheap. I will ship both of these for the same price as I normally charge to send one saw.

    Atkins No. 53 Hand Saw Set 26" XC And Rip Saws

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    $100.00Sale Price