Don't waste your time with the cast-bronze, mild steel junk plane kits found online. Every one of my kits is made to the exacting standards that I demand from my complete planes, leaving you free of un-square, un-flattened parts that will never go together right!

    This is the KIT ONLY for our 7" Improved Style Mitre Plane. All specs can be seen on the complete plane page. The kit includes everything you need to finish the plane, minus the infill woods. The body has already been assembled, flattened, and squared, leaving you to install the infills and lever cap, then polish everything up! With excellent instructions(available in pdf or hard copy form), even a beginner can finish this kit with with no special tools. I make myself available to anyone who's building kits, so if there's ever any questions you can contact me. Can be done with power or hand tools in a few afternoons(or sooner if you're experienced).

    7" Improved Style Mitre Plane, Shooting Plane KIT ONLY