It's finally here! This plane has been a long time coming for us. We make lots of beautiful low angle and smoothing planes, but there has always been something about the "Improved" Style Mitre Plane that has captured the heart of every woodworker. We are no different. This plane was well thought out and engineered to be an "improvement" on the original. This is our Medium sized version, 7" long with a 1-3/8" iron. We also make a Large version, 9.5" long with a 2" iron. The Infills have been secured inside the sides of the plane as opposed to "overstuffing", making this the perfect shooting board plane. But we didn't want to make a one-trick pony, so we decided to make it super comfortable to hold and use as a regular low angle plane or as a smoothing plane. With a bed angle of 22 degrees, this plane excels at trimming end grain and working tricky woods(we also make a higher angle iron for this plane). With the added heft of the 954 hardened bronze sole and the naval brass sides, you won't be met with resistance from pretty much any wood. The front bun has been shaped similar to a thumb plane, but with the extra size it's perfect for grasping with two fingers or resting your whole palm on. The mouth of this plane is ridiculously tight, preventing tear out on brittle woods and end grain. The sole and sides have all been machined flat and square to each other to ensure that you get a perfect cut on the shooting board every time. The iron is made from 3/16" thick A2 steel and will come to you razor sharp and ready to work. High end hand tools are a great investment as they never lose their value and will always be superior to a mass-produced tool. Just having this functional art on your bench will inspire you to do your very best work!

    7" Improved Style Mitre Plane, Shooting Plane

    Infill Woods