One of the oldest style, metal-bodied planes made, the mitre plane has started to become popular again because of it's versatility in the shop. Use it as a low-angle smoother, a trimming plane, like a block plane, or even on a shooting board, this plane will excel at any of these tasks. Though I obviousy love infill planes, I have restored enough of them to know that the wooden "infill" is the first thing to usually fail. Thinking long-term, I decided to incorporate a bronze "ramp" that ties into the sole and sides of the plane in multiple places, making for a super-rigid bedding surface for the iron and making sure that it is 100% in contact with body of the plane at all times. The bronze and brass has a brushed, matte finish. Made with a 20 degree bed angle and comes with a 1.5" wide snecked iron that makes the plane easy to adjust and gives your hand the perfect spot to rest while planing. See options for wood choices.

    6" Mitre Plane Medium

    SKU: m615
    $800.00 Regular Price
    $500.00Sale Price
    Wood Infill
    • -Bronze Sole

      -Brass Sides

      -6" Long, 1-3/4" Wide, 1-7/16" Tall

      -1.5" Wide O1 Steel Iron, 5/32" thick