With a bed angle of 55 Degrees, this is my new favorite when it comes to a smoothing plane for figured and exotic woods. I have put the iron closer to the front of the body to allow for a bit more room to grab the plane, making it feel much larger than it really is. With a 3/16" thick A2 Iron, this plane skates through tough grain and leaves a flawless, finish ready surface. I love hand planes for a thousand reasons, but the main reason is that a smoothing plane is an honest tool. It will pick out any and every flaw, amplify success and give you ultimate satisfaction. Like all of the planes I make, I have taken the time to make sure than when you drop the iron in, tighten the lever cap and push her through your work, everything comes together to leave you with the best surface you can possibly get. Check out the pictures to see what this plane does on some crazy figured White Oak and some maple that my standard angle Bailey copies didn't like. You will see as I've said, it's an honest tool. Available as a kit as well.

    6" High Angle Smoothing Plane

    SKU: has615
    Infill Woods
    • 6" Long, Brass Sides, Bronze Sole, 55 Degree Bed Angle, 1.5" wide, 3/16" thick A2 Steel Iron