I love the way that this plane turned out! In keeping with the similar look of my New Style Smoother, this plane has all of the right curves to give it a traditional look, yet just enough new design to fit in with my style of planes. I have been thinking about doing an all-steel plane for a while and I cannot be happier with how it turned out. With lightly brushed Stainless Steel for the sides and O1 Steel for the sole, this plane has plenty of heft and looks great even after it's been handled. I wanted this plane to have a "sleeper" look to it, nothing too flashy, so I went with some really, really, old-growth English Walnut that was cut over 30 years ago. To get this wood I had to buy 3 massive slabs and have them shipped to me. The color that you see is 100% natural, with 9 coats of oil and then buffed out to a smooth, semi-flat sheen which looks amazing against the brushed stainless. Again, to keep things low-key, I went with Phosphor Bronze for the lever cap, polished it out,  then heated it up and rubbed it with oil to somewhat distress it. The color will turn to a "burnt copper" look over time. For a medium sized smoother(6.5" long, 1.8" wide) I don't think it could be any more comfortable and it truly "melts" into your hand while you push it. It is so comfortable, in fact, that you can easily push this plane one-handed(though 2 hands gives you more control). With a bed angle of 55 degrees and a 1.5" wide, 3/16" thick O1 Steel single iron and a ridiculously tight mouth, this plane is excellent on pretty much any wood, regardless of the grain, and will leave you a perfectly polished, finish-ready surface. Out of the 200+ planes I've made, this new style is hands-down my favorite in every way. I wanted to hit so many different goals with this single tool and I succeeded way beyond my expectations. It's perfect. There, I said it! I have 2 of these with the Stainless sides, once they are gone I will continue making them with O1 Steel sides(unless ordered with stainless).  

    6.5" Steel Bodied 55 Degree Smoother