HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO OWN ONE OF OUR BEAUTIFUL SMOOTHING PLANES FOR A HUGE DISCOUNT! THIS IS A DEMO PLANE, IT WAS USED FOR A SHOW AND 2 CLASSES. IT HAS BEEN TOUCHED, HANDLED, AND USED AND MAY SHOW SIGNS OF IT(NOTHING MORE THAN A FEW SURFACE SCRATCHES). WE CLEAN DEMO PLANES BEFORE THEY SHIP AND WILL ARRIVE TO YOU LOOKING EXCELLENT AND WORKING JUST AS WELL AS A NEW ONE. This is one of our New Style Smoothers. At 7.25" long and with a 1-5/8" iron, it is perfect for all smoothing tasks and will work one even the trickiest of grain, leaving you with a perfect, finish ready surface. The body of this plane is made with O1 Tool Steel and I have used some of the last bit of my Desert Ironwood from the Dale Nish Wood Collection. The iron is made from 3/16" thick O1 Tool Steel. This new design took me almost 2 years to perfect and I am confident that it is the most comfortable unhandled smoother on the market. If you want to experience what a true finish-ready surface from a hand plane looks like, you've got to try this plane!

    57 Degree 7.25" Smoother, Desert Ironwood Burl DEMO