In case you can't tell, I LOVE Mitre(or miter) Planes! They are very useful for numerous tasks and can be dedicated to things like smoothing, trimming(miters!), and even used as a shooting board plane. This is my smallest model, at just under 5" long and with a 1-1/4" iron. Karl Holtey was one of the first to bring the "mini" Mitre Plane back. I was worried about a few issues that sometimes arise in plane-making, especially with a small plane such as this, so I contacted Karl and got his help on how he solved these problems. This is what came from my talks with him. This plane has a 25 Degree bed angle, and with a 30 Degree primary grind on the iron, it functions flawlessly at all tasks. I have made a small shooting board to work with mine, and it does this with ease. I have used it as a small smoother on some box lids, and again, perfect! I even used it to trim some end grain for joinery. With it's small size, I have made the iron longer(the iron can be had with a sneck or without) to act as a handle, which is how many old English Planes were held, or it can be held like a block plane similar to how David Barron holds his small planes. The entire body is made from 954 bronze, with 11/64" thick sides to add heft. The iron is 5/32" O1 Tool Steel. The infills on the model shown are Rosewood, but it can be had with a few different choices. If you'd like to build one yourself, I do offer this plane as a kit!

    5" Small Mitre Plane

    SKU: sm5114
    Option 1
    Iron Type
    • (-) 5" long, about 1-11/16" wide

      1-1/4" O1 Steel Iron, available with or without Sneck

      954 Bronze Sole and Sides