It's official, this size has quickly gained interest so I'm going to add it to the lineup! This particular plane is 5.75" long with a 1.5" iron, as opposed to my normal Medium Smoother, which has a 1-3/8" iron. This size is perfect because you get all of the benefits of an "unhandled" plane(small and rounded to fit in the hand, lots of heft, comfortable, and easy to control, something you can't understand until you've used one) while having a wider iron to take bigger passes. With the control of this plane, like driving a sports car compared to a pickup truck, the feedback is immediately noticed and lets you feel exactly what you're doing and where wood is being removed. I demand my smoothing plane to be able to do one thing perfectly every time I pick it up, no adjustments, no setting up, lay it on the wood, give it a little push and watch the perfect surface slide out from under the sole. In theory and practice this is exactly what a smoothing plane is. A 55 Degree bed angle, tight mouth, heavy sole and body, thick iron, and comfortable to use for long periods. This plane, like all of my smoothers, meets every one of these things. The infill came from a chunk of "black and white" Ebony, right where the white streaks fade so you can see this one stripe growing faint from the heel to toe. Ebony sitting on brass/bronze is quite possibly one of the best contrasts I have ever seen, making this plane not only the best smoothing plane you'll ever use, but a piece of art that will inspire you to do your very best work every time you're in the shop. No matter what type of wood you work, there is nothing in the shop that can match the finish you'll get every time from this tool. Period.

    5.75" Ebony Smoother 55 degree WIDE

    $500.00 Regular Price
    $400.00Sale Price
    • 5.75" Long, 1-13/16" Wide

      464 Naval Brass Sides, 954 Hardened Bronze Sole

      1.5" wide, 3/16" thick O1 Steel Iron

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      Comes in custom made box