This plane came from a customers commission. They wanted me to make a smoothing plane for them, about the same size as my medium smoother, but wanted it to be wider(think 4-1/2 Stanley). We settled on a 1.5" Iron and extended the rear of the plane just a bit to make it about 5.75" long. Making all of my planes without any large equipment makes me take a different approach to production, so instead of making just one, I make 2-4 of each plane. This is what came of that adventure! At 5.75" long and with a 1.5" iron, this is the perfect size plane for pretty much any smoothing tasks. The bed is angled at 50 degrees, which makes for an amazing all-around smoother that works great on hard and softwoods alike, while still being easy to move. Since I extended the rear of this plane a bit, I wanted to put something special in for the infills that would really be shown off. I am getting low on the stock of Ironwood that came from the Dale L. Nish Collection, but I had the perfect size burl piece left and decided to open it up. What I found inside is nothing short of a natural masterpiece! Check out the pictures to see what this looks like, it will blow your mind(and the pictures barely do it any justice). When finished right, Ironwood has a feel to it that can't be matched by any other wood, it's like touching polished metal. The size of this plane really has me thinking a lot about adding it to my lineup. It fits in the hand perfectly and if you've never tried an unhandled plane, it will make you a believer! This plane has amazed me at every angle and I've yet to find a wood it won't work to a beautiful finish. I just picked up some Snakewood for future planes and decided to try this plane out on it. With it's size and heft and a 3/16" thick O1 Steel Iron, I was able to pull off some beautiful shavings on the face grain(I hate when people test their planes on edge grain to prove they work well, any plane can work edge grain, flip the wood over and show me what it does on the face!!) Every single plane I've put up for sale with this Ironwood has sold almost immediately, so if you like it pick it up before it's gone!

    5.75" Desert Ironwood Burl Smoother

    • - 954 Hardened Bronze Sole, 464  Brushed Naval Brass Sides

      - 5.75" Long, 1.8" Wide

      - 3/16" Thick, 1-1/2" Wide Iron, O1 Tool Steel

      - Stated weight is just for shipping calculations only, this is not the weight of the actual product