Want to make an infill plane, but don't want to do the metal work or don't have the tools? Here's your chance to have one of my 50 Degree Smoothers at a fraction of the cost. The kit contains everything including angle setup blocks and thorough instructions to help you complete the kit in a weekend with no speciall tools or skills. The iron is honed and ready to use, the rest is simple to do with the included instructions. Comes to you in a secure box with everything necessary to to finish the plane. This will be the best smoothing plane you own!

    5.5" "Overstuffed Smoothing Plane KIT ONLY

    SKU: s138K
    • Brass Sides, Hardened Bronze Sole

      1-3/8" wide, 3/16" thick O1 Steel Iron

      5-5/8" Long, 1-11/16" wide

      Bronze Lever Cap and Custom Screw