It's happened to all of us, you're taking that final pass over your work with your smoothing plane when BAM! The grain lifts up and tears like it was just waiting to ruin your day. Now you have to go back and scrape or sand just to fix this one flaw, which can take forever! But what if you had a tool that could prevent this from happening? Around for 200+ years but made popular again by the Georgia Plane Maker Ron Brese, the English Style "Over Stuffed" Infill Smoothing Plane can be your go-to smoother for pretty much every project. With a bed angle of 50 degrees, this plane excels on tricky grain and/or exotic hardwoods. Due to it's overall small size(5-1/2" long and 1-5/8" wide), this plane is great for detail work, yet comfortable and hefty enough to take on any project. The 1-3/8" wide iron is 3/16" thick to eliminate chatter or feedback from your work. Due to the way this plane is constructed, even those of uswith big hands will find it easy to hold. This will become your favorite smoothing plane you own and I promise you will look for reasons to go into the shop to make shavings. I've been making them for years and I still do it! Order one fast while they are on sale for my introductory offer!

    5.5" "Overstuffed Smoothing Plane

    SKU: s138
    Infill Woods
    • - Bronze Sole

      - Brass Sides

      - 5-1/2" Long, 1-5/8" Wide

      - 3/16" Thick, 1-3/8" Wide O1 Steel Iron