I have always had a thing for mitre(miter) planes. They are such a versatile tool and excel at numerous tasks, but they also look awesome! This was one that I made years before I was a professional tool-maker and it doesn't get used anymore, so I want it to go to a home where it can be appreciated. I somewhat modeled it after a plane that Bill Carter made over 30 years ago. At 5.25" long and with a 1" wide iron, it is perfect as a small smoother or for detailed areas where a block plane may be too "coarse". The sole is made of 1/4" O1 tool steel and the sides are naval brass. The infills and wedge are B/W Ebony. The cross pin is a throwback to some very early infills with the round profile and a cupids bow. The iron is made from 3/16" O1 steel. The mouth is pretty tight(which is mostly a myth that you need it), but not as tight as some of the planes I make now. This plane saw plenty of use a long time ago and it still works perfectly and it super comfortable to use. If you've never used a small detail plane like this, you'll be sold the moment you try it!

    5.25" Dovetailed Mitre Plane w/ Ebony Infills