This is one of the tools that will define my Plane-Making career. I have spent numerous hours/days/weeks making everything about it perfect. I have always loved vintage chariot planes, but their function was somewhat lacking. I knew I could make something that was more comfortable, more practical, and worked better, but it also needed to look the part. This is what came of many late nights in the shop! With a 4.5" plane, there isn't much "heft" behind the tool, so I beefed this plane up by using hardened bronze for the sole, lever cap,  and sides, making it weigh more than 6-7" block planes. On a plane this size there isn't much need for a front bun and I like the way Thumb Planes feel, so I extended the toe of the sole and opted to leave it open, giving you the perfect spot to rest your index finger for one-handed planing. Sticking with the Chariot Plane Tradition, I bedded the iron at 25 degrees, making it the perfect trimming plane on miters and end grain. With a 3/16" thick, 1.25" wide O1 Steel Iron and a super-tight mouth, the feedback from this plane is amazing and you will never have to worry about chatter. Every curve on this plane has a purpose and whether you have big or small hands, you will find this to be one of the most comfortable planes you own. Available with Ebony or Rosewood rear infill(Please specify in box below).

    4.5" Chariot Plane w/ Bronze Sides

    Infill Woods