About a year ago I had the chance to help a friend teach a class on wooden plane making. For the class we made jointer planes and this is the one I made. It is constructed like the "Krenov" style planes, with a laminated body and a heavier, harder wearing wood for the sole. The body of this plane is made from some beautiful white oak that was cut in Tennessee about 25 years ago and the sole is made of QS Wenge. For the mouth I wanted to use something that was as hard as possible, so I used ebony. The iron is a Veritas replacement 2" wide A2. The plane is 27" long and just shy of 3" wide. The rear of the plane has been shaped with a rest for the web of your hand, similar to how Scott Meek does his. The front of the body is slightly rounded on top giving you a perfect spot to rest your hand. I love all types of planes, but I have become a true believer in the wooden jointers and use one I recently made more than I ever use a metal one(and I'm a plane maker!). My No.7 and 8 now pretty much sit ide on the shelf and I will put this one up against the best on the market. The sides have been squared to the sole in case someone wants to use it on an edge shooting board. The sole is perfectly flat and it's ready to use right out of the box. This plane wasn't really used more than a few times to tune it up and show people how well it works. Unfortunately I have too many toys in the shop and need to make some room, so I'd like to see this plane go to a good home! I don't plan on ever getting into making wooden planes to sell, so this will most likely be the only one I ever get rid of, if you want it pick it up now!

    27" Wooden Jointer Plane By. SAPC