This has been my user saw for a few years now. It's a late 1890's Disston No.7 24" 10tpi Crosscut. As you see the saw is exactly how i found it, minus the tuning/sharpening. The handle is in excellent condition and could be considered nearly pristine had the original owner not carved his name into it. The plate is in amazing shape and has very minimal staining. It could be cleaned up almost back to mint, but it still had some shine to it ad the etch is perfect, so I left it alone. The teeth had never been touched, but needed a bit of work to be up to my standards, so I lightly jointed, filed, and set them. The No. 7 was Disston's affordable saw with a few upgrades to make it attractive to the most demanding craftsman and I have always found them a very comfortable, east to use saw. I have hundreds of saws to choose from, yet this one always worked perfect so I reached for it over any other and the 24" plate was easy to stow in my box when traveling. It will become your go-to crosscut saw for clean, tear-out free cuts!

    1890's Disston No. 7 24" Saw 10tpi Crosscut